What is Sinister Studios?

The studio is named Sinister studios based off the idea that we all come together to make a horror style of game. The studio is made with 4 members each with a different skill set and each offering their own unique take on what they have to offer, each member has strengths and weaknesses however combined the members can cover for one another to overcome any challenge. 

What is Sinister Studios aim?

We as a studio aim to create story driven games with a focus on graphical style and aesthetic for adult audiences, we believe that single player games are far from dead and we wish to show that even an independent developer can create an enjoyable experience for players around the world. This means that many of our games will be focused on the way it looks while the story is something we wish the player to become invested in. We strive to create rich narrative environments that players can explore and understand a story without being forced into any exhausting cutscenes.  

Logo and meaning

This is our logo for the studio. We believe that this fits our studio with the name sinister. Things are not quite what they may seem on the surface.

A small innocent looking child with a beast just behind it. A small independent studio creating their first game which will be greater than what expected, this is our goal with this project and every project in the future.

We believe that the lack of colour really works well for the logo as it makes it cheaper to print and helps to highlight the red eyes. Due to the monotone it becomes easy to see and understand, something lurking in the shadows.

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